Human Rigths


The Church and the World: The world current situation calls Christians for a joint action along with all people of good will in order to tackle the economic, social, cultural and spiritual aspects; aspects that are so important that the happiness or misfortune of the vast majority of world’s human beings depends on them.

Christian vision on development: This takes into account peoples’ and individuals’ rights, such as the fact that development is not simply limited to economic growth. Rights, which are not meant to be there just in order to be acknowledged, but rather to be exercised and respected. In order to be authentic, development and rights, must arrive to everyone.

Justice & Peace’s  mission is nothing other than keeping Church’s eyes open, her  heart caring, and her hand ready to extend the Kingdom of God  in this world, so that all people can be saved , be free, live in peace, and reach the fullness of life. Its goal is “to promote progress in the neediest regions and favour international social justice among nations” (GS, 90).

One of the ways for carrying out such a mission is the defense, promotion, and diffusion of all peoples’ and individuals’ rights. This mission takes form in concrete actions, always in favour of the poorest ones, leading to the defense of justice and peace, to solidarity and protection of environment, respect of freedom and equality and   human dignity, which should never be violated.


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