This task is rooted in the prophetic mission of the Church. God is not indifferent to injustices and suffering of humanity and so actively works through people. In our society, justice is based on Roman law, whose central axis is the defense of property and the need for justice consists of giving to each person what is his own. In this way the person who has nothing, nothing can claim.

 God's justice is based on a completely different concept. It is not a retributive concept or an equitable distribution, but it is adjusted to individual and collective needs of people. This is also reflected in the parable of those labourers who were not hired by anyone until the very last moment but that were paid the whole wage (Mt. 20). From this deep sense, Justice and Peace raises his voice against situations that violate the rights of peoples and individuals taking, to follow the Master, a clear choice for the weak. Only from that justice can emerge the true peace that the Psalm talks about: "Justice and peace shall kiss" (Sl. 84).


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