“Solidarity is only possible when the members of society recognize each other as persons” (SS JP II).

Justice and Peace understands solidarity as a permanent attitude of encounter, fraternity and service in the defense of the rights of all individuals, groups and peoples, especially those who are most vulnerable and excluded. It is also understood as the permanent support in their efforts to be agents of change and transformation of those suffering in certain situations.

Along with other people and groups involved in building up a different world, J&P works to eradicate the causes which bring about injustice, violence and war conflicts. Based on objective analysis, it denounces, elaborates and supports alternative proposals in the hope that all this will help to bring about a society where the unjust social differences may become fewer and fewer. On do it so, it takes into action an effective commitment towards the nearest situations and towards the global ones as well.

 Solidarity with the environment, enabling a more human life, promoting responsible and austere consumption and a sustainable development are included in their commitments too.

The challenge of today’s situation, worsened by  the  current  financial crisis, which affects many human beings and peoples as a whole, but whose impact especially affects the poorest people,  leads to the urgent need of humanizing globalization and globalizing solidarity. To attain these goals, it is essential to assume some commitments while being aware that it is the person the one who needs to be saved and that human society has to be renewed (cfr. GS 2-3).



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