The environment


Justice and Peace takes as one of its main tasks the promotion of respect and care for the environment and the denunciation of its degradation. There is no doubt that human action over the environment is causing dramatic changes on the biosphere, whose effects we are just starting to experience. However, the poorest and most vulnerable people are the first ones who have to face up the consequences, since there is a close link between social and environmental injustice.

We are convinced that the current economic models and consumption patterns are the main causes for environmental degradation. If this prevailing trend, based on exponential growth and on private accumulation of wealth, doesn’t change structurally, the chances for a sustainable development and for ecological recovery will be a total chimera for the vast majority of people. Therefore, Justice & Peace is committed to promote an ethic for personal, social, and structural transformation, that understands the protection of the environment as a requirement of universal solidarity with future generations and that also intends to awake an environmental awareness; an awareness which is characterized by more sensitivity, more respect for the rights of all, more austerity and more accountability among human beings towards the Earth and towards the need of its preservation.







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